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TCHO New American Chocolate
Russell Jackson
Stacey Migale
Robyn Lenzi
Nathan Lyon
Gelateria Naia
Brian Wood

tchopro: Stacey Bruno Migale

kitchen: Biscotti Bari

title: Owner

awards / recognitions: The Gourmet Retailer’s 2012 Editors’ Pick: Pistachio Chocolate Chunk Biscotti

culinary credo: Work hard (really hard) to see your dreams realized. There’s nothing better than seeing your products out in the marketplace available for the world to enjoy!

favorite tcho: TCHOPro 60.5% Baking Discs

what tcho are you? "Chocolatey"

We are nothing short of obsessed with Stacey Bruno Migale's Biscotti Bari. Taking a bite out of her handcrafted biscotti brings your tastebuds on a whirlwind trip to Italy and back. The only thing we love more than the taste of her biscotti is the story behind it. Her obsession with making this traditional Italian treat goes all the way back to her Nonie's kitchen. There, in that kitchen, she experienced the pure bliss of sitting in the morning light, enjoying Nonie's biscotti dipped in the perfect latte. Fast forward a few years, and Stacey meets one of the founders of TCHO. She shares her dream of recreating this simple pleasure, of making enough homemade biscotti that everyone can enjoy dipping that Italian treat in their morning latté. TCHO's co-founder encouraged her to do it. So, Stacey did it! And, of course, she used TCHO. Now, Biscotti Bari is available for wholesale, retail and to buy directly online.

Why biscotti?
“Biscotti, for me, is a culinary ‘hug’. It’s something every self-respecting host should have on hand and offer with a hot cup of coffee (or tea) whenever guests should pop-in for a visit. My Nonie (grandmother) always has homemade biscotti on hand, stored in a tin, and ready to serve at a moment’s notice! She’s like an Italian ninja with an arsenal of cookies in lieu of weapons.”

Why should we stock up on loads of Biscotti Bari, rather than other baked goods?
“They [biscotti] have a very long shelf life and actually develop a deeper flavor over time (providing that you are use the very best ingredients.”

What influences your approach to baking?
“We purchase all our ingredients directly from the farmers and producers located in and around Northern and Central California. Interacting on such a personal level means that I personally know who grows our nuts, dried fruits, olive oil, extracts and chocolate. I know their commitment to deliver their very best to me, so that I can delivery my very best to the consumer.”

“Biscotti is tough on chocolate. Since it’s twice baked [hence its name, biscoctus, or twice cooked/baked, in medieval latin], most chocolates “escape” during the second bake and leave the cookies with craters where the chocolate melts and oozes out. TCHO was the only chocolate that allowed us to leave whole (unchopped) chocolate so that the finished product has big chunks of chocolate in every bit.”

Favorite use of TCHO?
“Everyone LOVES our Pistachio Chocolate Chunk Biscotti. We use California grown pistachios that are roasted and salted with TCHO chocolate. So it’s got a chocolatey, salty, crunchy, nutty thing going on!”

Favorite TCHO memory?
“TCHO throws some of the best parties! I remember attending an event at TCHO on Pier 17 where there was chocolate stout, gelato, wine pairings, chocolate pasta and our biscotti!”

Even with all that TCHO/Biscotti Bari love, we couldn’t pry the top-secret biscotti recipe out of Stacey. Instead, she’s shared her “flippin’ crazy good” recipe for Chocolate Budino. Well, if it’s “flippin’ crazy good”, Stacey, we’ll definitely have to give it a try! Go to Stacey’s Budino recipe.

Photo credit: Shelly Allger