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TCHO New American Chocolate

Kisman “A Present” Birthday 7½″ Gift Box 48×8g dark bars

Iconic and wry illustrations by world famous Dutch graphic artist Max Kisman. Discover the luscious flavors of single-origin, dark chocolate.

48 bars of 5 grams each:

  • 12 PureNotes™ with extremely rich, “Chocolatey” notes
  • 12 PureNotes™ with layers of “Fruity” notes (Organic & Fair Trade)
  • 12 PureNotes™ with subtle “Nutty” notes (Organic & Fair Trade)
  • 12 PureNotes™ with light, bright “Bright” notes (Organic)
Ingredients: Cacao beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla beans

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48 × 8g | 0.28oz bars