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TCHO New American Chocolate

What is the story of 2.0?

We changed the designation of our “Fruity” and “Nutty” to 2.0 because we felt their improvement over the first generation was major.
“Fruity 2.0” is the first TCHOSource success story. In 2008, as part of our inaugural TCHOSource project, we installed solar-powered data sensory arrays at our partner co-op in Peru to help them monitor their cacao fermentation—literally the first step in making chocolate. We also shared with them techniques to improve their fermentation, and hence the flavor of their beans. And we installed Flavor Labs (the same equipment we use in San Francisco to formulate our chocolate) so that they could finally close the feedback loop on their efforts (unbelievably, most farmers have never tasted chocolate made from their labors).
After the harvest, we received samples of their first TCHOSource cacao beans – and the flavor was simply amazing! Indeed, quality had improved so much that we decided to reformulate our “Fruity” bar using their new cacao – and rename it “2.0” in recognition of their achievement.
In the case of “Nutty 2.0,” we found a new source of amazing cacao with nutty flavor notes and reformulated the bar.