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TCHO New American Chocolate

Editor-Approved Chocolate For Valentine’s Day


Photo Credit: PopSugar

TCHO’s Artisan Handmade Confections make PopSugar’s Top 9 Editor-Approved Chocolate Boxes for Valentine’s Day 2013: “Our hearts melted for the sea salt and roasted nib caramel as soon as we cut it open …”

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Luxury In Progress

CEO of TCHO and original founder of Wired Magazine, Louis Rossetto, found “his true calling” seven years ago when he entered the chocolate business — bringing all that he knew from his tech roots and applying it to luxury chocolate. From challenging the current industry by offering ethical sourcing, to implementing a co-creation approach in their chocolate development, TCHO easily become Louis’ obsession, “… chocolate is a good thing to be obsessed about. It’s not just the food business. It’s the happiness business.”

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Holiday Chocolate Box with Samuel Adams

Beer Pulse

Photo Credit: Beer Pulse

TCHO Chocolate teamed up with Samuel Adams to introduce the Beer Lover’s Chocolate Box, a unique pairing between chocolate and craft beer. Working closely with brewers, TCHO’s chocolate maker was delighted to discover the potential in this pairing, “Many of the flavors found in cocoa and chocolate can also be found in beer, and you can taste the synergy when they are paired.”

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Tasty Holiday Gifts


Photo credit: FoodGal

To help readers put together the perfect foodie gifts, FoodGal put together a list of her favorite things. Our SeriousMilk chocolate captivated her.

“It’s mind-blowing trying them side-by-side because they are so different. The “Classic” has a sweet, caramel-toffee-like note, while the “Cacao” tastes like an old-fashioned, creamy fudgesicle.

Even dark chocolate lovers will be tempted to switch teams temporarily to enjoy these bars made by San Francisco’s only bean-to-bar chocolatier.”

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5 Best Food & Drink Finds of the Year

Food  & Wine

Senior Editor Kristin Donnelly chose TCHO SeriousMilk Chocolates as one of the top 5 Food and Drink Finds of 2011. She writes, “Chocolate snobs often think milk chocolate is inferior to the superdark, intellecutally challenging stuff. San Francisco-based TCHO, however, took a brainy approach to two new bars they call SeriousMilk. “Cacao” is rich and fudgy, while “Classic” is a bit sweeter and creamier. Both redefine how good milk chocolate can be.”

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Sampling TCHO’s New Line of Confections

SF Weekly

TCHO’s handmade artisan confections are making headlines! Applying the obsessive quality taken to the original line of chocolate bars: the flavor combinations, sourcing of ingredients and even the shape of the molds used are highlighted. “The confectionary flavor pairings are subtle and thoughtfully integrated, letting the chocolate sing, not drown.”

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Combining Technology with the Chocolate Making Process

Fox News

Two “highly addictive things come deliciously together” at TCHO: Chocolate and technology. From iPhone apps to aid in their chocolate making, to installing flavor labs in cacao-producing countries, TCHO is utilizing 21st-century technology to help make a better world and the best chocolate.

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Milk Chocolate That Satisfies


The food and news blog Epi-log, of, tried out TCHO’s dark milk chocolate, “Cacao”. “[Cacao is] chocolate you can stop eating, which is the highest compliment. Bad chocolate doesn’t satisfy.”

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8 Warming Winter Drinks

Real Simple


Caught in the winter chill?’s Lindsay Hunt urges you to pick up a cup of TCHO Hot Drinking Chocolate. “Made in the ultra-rich style of European cafes, this thick, fudgy treat is worthy of Willy Wonka’s famous chocolate river.”

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Now You Can Tour TCHO!


Photo Courtesy of Mark Leet

7×7 announces the TCHO Chocolate factory tour, a must for experiencing “choco-magic” firsthand! Tours are available for free to the public and offered two times per day at TCHO‘s Embarcadero store and factory — enjoy a history lesson in chocolate, a factory tour and complete chocolate tasting.

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Cocoa Trip Report from Starbucks

Starbucks Blog

TCHO Chocolate used in Starbucks chocolate bars previously sold in select stores in the US.

On a journey to learn more about the sourcing program of TCHO Chocolate, Starbucks ethical sourcing manager travelled to Ecuador. “Behind every bite of a Starbucks chocolate bar there are many stories of farmers, processors and chocolate confectioners.”

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Meet Your (Chocolate) Maker

The Bold Italic

Chief Engineer of TCHO Chocolate, Matt Heckert, is featured

In what was once a run down pier that housed San Francisco’s old Muni buses, now the beautiful well-oiled TCHO Chocolate Factory now proudly stands. The Bold Italic meets with Matt Heckert, TCHO’s lead engineer, to discover what it took to transform a totally barren warehouse into the New American Chocolate Factory that brought chocolate making back to San Francisco.

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Hoping Chefs Will Melt for TCHO

New York Times

Photo Credit: Brandon Jones

TCHO Chocolate is making waves in the culinary world of New York, a market traditionally dominated by non-American chocolate companies. Brooks Headly, of New York’s Del Posto comments, “Aside from the quality, we like that it’s smaller and more artisanal … Valrhona? French, schmench … ”

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TCHO: The Chocolate Scientists

Wired Magazine (UK)

Photo Credit: Frank Schott

An insiders look into all that TCHO Chocolate — covering the very beginning of TCHO as a company, the use of iPhone technology to remotely monitor chocolate production, it’s unique sourcing program and much more.

“Along the way they [TCHO] would reinvent ancient supply chains, use the internet to improve the lives of Peruvian hill farmers and, if Rossetto is to be believed, help usher in a new age of social responsibility.”

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Louis Rossetto: From Publishing to Chocolate Making



CEO of TCHO Chocolate, Louis Rosetto, talks with Reuters on his approach to revolutionizing the chocolate industry:

” … TCHO developed a program to work closely with growers and coops in cacao-producing countries … how they could improve what they do, and get better prices, rise up from being commodity producers to be specialty premium producers … “

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TCHO: A Start-up Innovates in Unexpected Field

The Economist

Results from a collaborative tasting, via satellite-based technology, Cropster

The Economist highlights TCHO Chocolates use of technology in a start up environment to bring innovation to the chocolate world. Borrowing terms from the tech world like, ‘Beta testing’, and introducing satellite-internet technology, Cropster, with cacao farmers in country of origin, TCHO is making waves along with some of the best chocolate  in the game.

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Chocolate in Beta Testing, Offered by a Wired Founder

The New York Times

Photo Credit: Jim Wilson/NY Times

CEO of TCHO Chocolate, Louis Rossetto, and founder, Timothy Childs, apply the language of high-tech business  to chocolate making. “[TCHO] combines many elements of classic Silicon Valley innovation: Tcho’s approach to working with farmers, the rethinking of the chocolate lexicon, and its approach to raising money.”

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Drinking Chocolate Featured in Men’s Journal
February 4, 2016

Intensely fudgy? Check. Extraordinary hot cocoa? Oh, we definitely agree. Our drinking chocolate makes the cut as one of Men’s Journal’s ten best hot chocolates.

Men's Journal

SFGate reviews the Fancy Food Show 2016
February 4, 2016

… and TCHO gets rave reviews for some special new items we’re bringing to the world. Dig down to slide 26 of 27 for a special sneak preview.

SF Gate

Wine and Chocolate Pairing with Kingston Vineyards
February 4, 2016


Checking in from Chile, our new friends at Kingston Vineyards found a great wine and chocolate pairing in their 2011 Lucero Syrah and our 70% “Chocolatey” from Ghana. Enjoy their review of this flavor explosion!

Kingtston Vineyards

Where to shop… for Chocolate!
January 31, 2014

Modern Farmer Magazine recently featured TCHO in their Global Guide to Local: Where to Shop. Our San Francisco location was identified as great place to shop for chocolate, and we have to agree!

Modern Farmer: Global Guide to Local

Chocolate worth traveling for? You bet!
January 20, 2014

TCHO was excited to be featured in the FlipKey blog last month as a chocolate maker worth traveling to see…

Spooky Halloween Treats with TCHO
October 9, 2013

The Chocolate Cult

TCHO’s Organic and Fair Trade cocoa powder and roasted cocoa nibs complete this frighteningly delicious Halloween-inspired Double Chocolate Cupcake recipe from The Chocolate Cult.

Never Too Late for Ice Cream Cake with TCHO!
September 29, 2013

Market Life

Inspired by the newly launched TCHOPairing Galactic Gelato bar with dark chocolate and astronaut mint ice cream, baking blog Market Life chose TCHO as the secret ingredient to this mouth watering ice cream cake recipe.

USA Today’s Chocolate Trailmap
August 25, 2013

USA Today

TCHO Chocolate‘s factory tour and chocolates are highlighted among USA Today’s “topnotch chocolatiers” of the Bay Area a must see for chocolate enthusiasts visiting San Francisco.

Food Manufacturers Excel in Multilateral Contact
August 19, 2013

Investor’s Business Daily

IBD highlights TCHOSource, the unique sourcing program of TCHO’s, in this review of food and beverage companies pioneering a new way of doing business — by communicating honestly and effectively.

47 Things to Do in SF
August 16, 2013

Crazy Sexy Fun Taveler

The TCHO Chocolate factory tour and tasting makes it onto the Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler‘s list of must-do’s in San Francisco! Also on the list is 46 other fun-filled San Francisco activities to maximize your time in the City.

Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies from Dessert First
July 2, 2013

Dessert First

Dessert-obsessed food blog, Dessert First, chose TCHOPro 39% milk chocolate to compliment this delightful brown butter-twist on the traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe: “TCHO’s baking discs … melt beautifully and smoothly.”

Sugar Loco Father’s Day Gift Guide
June 21, 2013

Sugar Loco

Dessert and confectionary blog, Sugar Loco, ditches the old school gifts for Father’s Day and opts for the TCHO “Beer Lovers” chocolate and Samuel Adams® gift box.

Martha Stewart Father’s Day Gift Guide
June 20, 2013

TCHO-a-Day dark chocolate giftub is featured in Martha Stewart’s 2013 Father’s Day Gift Guide, claiming this 60 piece assortment is “Tastier than vitamins”.

TCHO Tour a “Must Do” on SF Visit
June 16, 2013

Among the must see spots in San Francisco the NY Daily News says the TCHO Chocolate factory tourAmerica’s Cup race and more!

Tecnologia en la industria del Chocolate
June 13, 2013

Chilean tech and gadget site, FayerWayer, features TCHO’s innovative use of technology — iOs applications used by chocolate makers and cloud-based software to develop sensory analysis with cacao producers.

Saying Goodbye to the SFMoMa
May 31, 2013

Zohara and Shiao, two members of TCHO’s Bean Team (encompassing sourcing, R&D and chocolate making), brought the tree-to-bar experience to the iconic SF Museum of Modern Art’s 2-day open house farewell party.

TCHO + Sightglass: The Al Bicerin Cocktail
April 30, 2013

Offering a “San Francisco twist” to this classic Italian cocktail, TCHO Chocolate is used in Rye‘s rendition of the Al Bicerin, adding to Jon Gasparini‘s notoriety in the industry.

Cooking Smart at Monterey Bay Aquarium
April 25, 2013

TCHOSource is paving the way …

At Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Cooking For Solutions event, a gathering of culinary environmentalists, TCHO’s chief chocolate maker, Brad Kintzer, led a discussion highlighting this innovative supply chain model.

A Bit of TCHO, from the Hipmunk Blog
April 23, 2013

Hipmunk Blog

Scoring tickets to a private tour of TCHO Chocolate, this travel blog had the chance to learn about all things TCHO — from the processing to the sourcing, and who could forget the tasting?

“It smelled like chocolate from the moment we walked in the door.”

“Color Crave: Yellow…Are You There?”
April 15, 2013

PureNotes™ “Bright” chocolate makes the cut for DimeInk‘s mashup of all good things yellow.