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TCHO New American Chocolate

Stellina Sweets Recipe

Stellina Sweets

Stellina Sweets TCHO-Mississippi Mud Pie Recipe

How to make an already scrumptious Mississippi Mud Pie recipe even more mouth-watering? Use TCHO! Bringing you “Sweet Morsels from the Kitchen”, baking blog Stellina Sweets chose TCHOPro 66% as the special ingredient for this Mississppi Mud Pie Recipe.

“[This recipe] was the perfect opportunity to break out my TCHO 66% chocolate disks – I’ve been saving it for something special.”

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Behind the Scenes

No Architect

Beautiful photography blog, No Architect, features TCHO Chocolate factory.

Photo Credit: Ike Deani

Ike Edeani, an incredibly talented photographer with an extraordinary eye, was instantly inspired while on a behind-the-scenes tour of TCHO’s Pier 17 chocolate factory. The luscious, liquid chocolate running in gleaming silver pipes, churning in large vats, and streaming down to create perfect chocolate bars, drops and critters are captured beautifully on his blog, No Architect.

“[TCHO is] one of my favorite stories I shot this year.”

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Amazing Parents Give Fellow Travelers TCHO on Flight


Photo Crdit: Daily Mail, UK

When taking their 14-week-old boys on their first airplane ride, parents decided to apologize “in advance” by putting together small goodie bags for their in-flight neighbors. Among ear plugs and a short note, a square of TCHO Chocolate was also included, placing this thoughtful gesture on The BuzzFeed’s “26 Moments That Restored Our Faith In Humanity This Year“.

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Citrus and Floral Meet at TCHO Chocolate

San Francisco Business Times

TCHO Chocolate highlighted in the San Francisco Business Times

TCHO Chocolate’s unique approach to chocolate sourcing, flavor development and innovative tools is highlighted in this San Francisco Business Times feature:

“By focusing on flavor, fair trade and the future, TCHO has managed to accomplish something few other artisan chocolate brands have … “

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Beer and Chocolate Pairing Box in Father’s Day Gift Guide

TCHO's For the Love of Beer Chocolate Box, featured in Fastlane Magazine

Photo Credit: Fastlane Magazine

Fastlane Magazine finds the perfect solution to the too typical, too often useless, dad and grad gifts — TCHO’s “Beer Lovers” Samuel Adams® chocolate gift box.

“Skip the ugly tie and thoughtless gift card and introduce dad to exquisite pairing of craft beer and artisan chocolate.”

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Mini Chocolate-Cherry Rolls

Tutti Dolci

Tutti Dolci's Mini Chocolate-Chip recipe with dark and milk TCHO chocolate chips

Photo Credit: Tutti Dolci

Tutti Dolci, a delicious food blogger, is taking a black forest bread recipe to a whole new level! How? By choosing TCHO’s SeriousMilk™ 39% Baking Discs and TCHOPro 66% combined to compliment the mini-cherry roll dessert.

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Traditional Home Gift Guide

Traditional Home

TCHO featured in the Traditional Home Mother's Day Gift Guide

Photo Credit: Traditional Home

“Not only is the chocolate delicious, innovative, and ethically conscious, but they remind me of the fun memories we share ,” Traditional Home gushes about TCHO’s beautiful “Magnolia” and “Butterfly” spring collection gifts. Searching for a deliciously perfect gift for that special woman? Chose TCHO!

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Sunset Guide: Taste the West

Sunset Magazine Online

Sunset Magazine include TCHO Chocolate Tasting on their list.

Photo Credit: Sunset Magazine

Sunset Magazine reveals in their SF Travel Guide: The TCHO Chocolate factory tour is one of the “best culinary experiences in this foodie paradise”.

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A Cozy Kitchen: Malted Crunch Cookies

A Cozy Kitchen

Photo Credit: A Cozy Kitchen

Inspired by a beloved childhood ice cream, Chocolate Malted Crunch, A Cozy Kitchen uses TCHO’s SeriousMilk™ 39% Baking Discs to complete this special treat: “This recipe features some of my favorite chocolate in the whole wide world … Their chocolate is the real deal.”

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Chocolate Worth Traveling For

Smarter Travel

TCHO Chocolate factory tour included on Smarter Travel list of must see's.

Photo Credit: Smarter Travel

Smarter Travel reveals their favorite bean-to-bar chocolate hotspots around the globe. TCHO’s innovative sourcing program, TCHOSource, and San Francisco must-visit factory tour make the list.

“Visitors … get to see firsthand how the square-shaped bars are made, from conching and molding to wrapping them in their distinctive packaging.”

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TCHO Mokaccino Chocolate Review


Photo credit: Chocablog

Chocablog, a well-known review blog in the chocolate community, investigated our pairing bar Mokaccino. Impressed by the labeling and award indicating sticker on the package, they also seemed quite pleased with the inside of the box as well!

” … after a few seconds, the chocolate flavours make themselves known, first with creamy, malty, then sweet caramel notes… “

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TCHO Expanding its Line of Fair Trade, Organic Chocolates


Photo credit: @loridel

Discussing some of the largest challenges faced in the cacao industry, TCHO Chocolate CEO chats with 7×7 journalist, David Weir, about TCHOSource, making a better world, and why we write ‘No Slavery’ on each and every piece of our chocolate.

“We need to speak out about that and, wherever possible, address it directly. That’s why on every package we say ‘no slavery’.”

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TCHO Artisan Confections


Photo credit: Chocablog

Chocablog, an “unbiased site dedicated to all things chocolate”, recently sampled our 4 piece Winter Assortment confections gift box. Intrigued by a chocolate company filling their own chocolates, they seemed pleasantly surprised by our “small collection of rather delicious chocolates”.

[“Classic” SeriousMilk™ + Groud Hazelnuts] “… it’s light, creamy and has a great crunch to it. I’m not usually a fan of praline, but I could easily eat a whole box of these.”

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TCHO Chocolate Wins Again!

Academy of Chocolate

The results are in! We are thrilled to announce that TCHO Chocolate has received multiple awards, in multiple categories from the Academy of Chocolate:

Best Milk Chocolate Bean-To-Bar
TCHO SeriousMilk™ “Classic”, Silver

Best ‘Flavoured’ Milk Chocolate Bar
TCHO + Blue Bottle Coffee pairing bar “Mokaccino”, Bronze

Best Filled Chocolate – Nuts
TCHO SeriousMilk™ “Classic”+ New America Gianduja, Bronze

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Kona Kase features TCHO Chocolate

Kona Kase, a monthly supply of nutritional supplements and snacks, recently included TCHO chocolate in their delivery. The active chemical compound, Theobromine, has been shown to support an active lifestyle in so many ways. From mood boosting properties to helping generate healthy cells, and even aiding muscles in post-workout recovery, TCHO Chocolate can be a great compliment for a healthy diet! Here is their interview with TCHO: on the benefits of chocolate for athletes, and favorite products for active lifestyles.

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TCHO Chocolate Picked for Valentine’s Day Menu

The Fancy Boyz

Photo Credit: The Fancy Boyz

When asked to make a dessert for a Valentine’s Day menu, The Fancy Boyz used none other than TCHO Chocolate in their decadent flourless chocolate cake. “I choose a very specific chocolate for this cake … The 66% chocolate is perfect … as the cake requires a good dark chocolate to maximize the chocolate punch.”

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TCHO, WCF and USAID Partner to Bring Quality Cocoa to Ghana

Market Watch, The Wall Street Journal

John Kehoe, VP of Sourcing & Development, with a Fine Flavor Cocoa Farmer in Ghana

TCHO Chocolate is working in collaboration with The World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) and USAID, revolutionizing the cacao market in Ghana! This project is the first of its kind in West Africa. We couldn’t be more excited to have TCHOSource at the forefront of creating a sustainable chain of truly fair trade chocolate!

“The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), as the U.S. Government agency leading President Obama’s Feed the Future initiative, is proud to be a part of this kind of public-private partnership, which uses cutting-edge technology and the power of markets to improve the lives of smallholder farmers in Ghana…”

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TCHO Goodies Worth Swooning


From bars, to handmade confections, to our 99%Intense, this review from The FoodGal left no piece of TCHO chocolate untouched.

“[Handmade Confections] The company’s SeriousMilk™ Chocolate which tastes much more intensely chocolatey than most other milk chocolates enrobed [a] bonbon with a center of ground Piedmont hazelnuts. The filling was smooth, but still held little flecks of ground nuts for a nice mix of textures.”

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Chocolate, Meet Beer

BlackBook Mag

Malt, hops, and chocolate? In collaboration with craft brewery Samuel Adams, TCHO released a special edition Love of Beer Chocolate Box, and although an eyebrow may initially be raised at the mention of this pairing, the two are an unlikely match made in sensory heaven.

“When you pop a square of TCHO’s 70% cacao chocolate into your gob and then take a pull of Boston Lager, it’s hard to figure out where the chocolate ends and the beer begins…”

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TCHO is for Chocolate!

Kelly Freedman

After disclosing her deepest, darkest secret to readers (“I never liked chocolate as a kid”), Kelly describes her visit at TCHO, but it is her captivating and interactive photography that does the majority of talking.

“When you start to really dissect well made chocolate, you find there are so many different flavor profiles such as citrus, fruity, earthy, nutty etc… Dissecting these complex flavor profiles in chocolate is what TCHO does best. They focus on the inherent flavors of chocolate, separating flavors by profiles, and providing chocolate lovers with products that highlight these various flavor profiles.”

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Drinking Chocolate Featured in Men’s Journal
February 4, 2016

Intensely fudgy? Check. Extraordinary hot cocoa? Oh, we definitely agree. Our drinking chocolate makes the cut as one of Men’s Journal’s ten best hot chocolates.

Men's Journal

SFGate reviews the Fancy Food Show 2016
February 4, 2016

… and TCHO gets rave reviews for some special new items we’re bringing to the world. Dig down to slide 26 of 27 for a special sneak preview.

SF Gate

Wine and Chocolate Pairing with Kingston Vineyards
February 4, 2016


Checking in from Chile, our new friends at Kingston Vineyards found a great wine and chocolate pairing in their 2011 Lucero Syrah and our 70% “Chocolatey” from Ghana. Enjoy their review of this flavor explosion!

Kingtston Vineyards

Where to shop… for Chocolate!
January 31, 2014

Modern Farmer Magazine recently featured TCHO in their Global Guide to Local: Where to Shop. Our San Francisco location was identified as great place to shop for chocolate, and we have to agree!

Modern Farmer: Global Guide to Local

Chocolate worth traveling for? You bet!
January 20, 2014

TCHO was excited to be featured in the FlipKey blog last month as a chocolate maker worth traveling to see…

Spooky Halloween Treats with TCHO
October 9, 2013

The Chocolate Cult

TCHO’s Organic and Fair Trade cocoa powder and roasted cocoa nibs complete this frighteningly delicious Halloween-inspired Double Chocolate Cupcake recipe from The Chocolate Cult.

Never Too Late for Ice Cream Cake with TCHO!
September 29, 2013

Market Life

Inspired by the newly launched TCHOPairing Galactic Gelato bar with dark chocolate and astronaut mint ice cream, baking blog Market Life chose TCHO as the secret ingredient to this mouth watering ice cream cake recipe.

USA Today’s Chocolate Trailmap
August 25, 2013

USA Today

TCHO Chocolate‘s factory tour and chocolates are highlighted among USA Today’s “topnotch chocolatiers” of the Bay Area a must see for chocolate enthusiasts visiting San Francisco.

Food Manufacturers Excel in Multilateral Contact
August 19, 2013

Investor’s Business Daily

IBD highlights TCHOSource, the unique sourcing program of TCHO’s, in this review of food and beverage companies pioneering a new way of doing business — by communicating honestly and effectively.

47 Things to Do in SF
August 16, 2013

Crazy Sexy Fun Taveler

The TCHO Chocolate factory tour and tasting makes it onto the Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler‘s list of must-do’s in San Francisco! Also on the list is 46 other fun-filled San Francisco activities to maximize your time in the City.

Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies from Dessert First
July 2, 2013

Dessert First

Dessert-obsessed food blog, Dessert First, chose TCHOPro 39% milk chocolate to compliment this delightful brown butter-twist on the traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe: “TCHO’s baking discs … melt beautifully and smoothly.”

Sugar Loco Father’s Day Gift Guide
June 21, 2013

Sugar Loco

Dessert and confectionary blog, Sugar Loco, ditches the old school gifts for Father’s Day and opts for the TCHO “Beer Lovers” chocolate and Samuel Adams® gift box.

Martha Stewart Father’s Day Gift Guide
June 20, 2013

TCHO-a-Day dark chocolate giftub is featured in Martha Stewart’s 2013 Father’s Day Gift Guide, claiming this 60 piece assortment is “Tastier than vitamins”.

TCHO Tour a “Must Do” on SF Visit
June 16, 2013

Among the must see spots in San Francisco the NY Daily News says the TCHO Chocolate factory tourAmerica’s Cup race and more!

Tecnologia en la industria del Chocolate
June 13, 2013

Chilean tech and gadget site, FayerWayer, features TCHO’s innovative use of technology — iOs applications used by chocolate makers and cloud-based software to develop sensory analysis with cacao producers.

Saying Goodbye to the SFMoMa
May 31, 2013

Zohara and Shiao, two members of TCHO’s Bean Team (encompassing sourcing, R&D and chocolate making), brought the tree-to-bar experience to the iconic SF Museum of Modern Art’s 2-day open house farewell party.

TCHO + Sightglass: The Al Bicerin Cocktail
April 30, 2013

Offering a “San Francisco twist” to this classic Italian cocktail, TCHO Chocolate is used in Rye‘s rendition of the Al Bicerin, adding to Jon Gasparini‘s notoriety in the industry.

Cooking Smart at Monterey Bay Aquarium
April 25, 2013

TCHOSource is paving the way …

At Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Cooking For Solutions event, a gathering of culinary environmentalists, TCHO’s chief chocolate maker, Brad Kintzer, led a discussion highlighting this innovative supply chain model.

A Bit of TCHO, from the Hipmunk Blog
April 23, 2013

Hipmunk Blog

Scoring tickets to a private tour of TCHO Chocolate, this travel blog had the chance to learn about all things TCHO — from the processing to the sourcing, and who could forget the tasting?

“It smelled like chocolate from the moment we walked in the door.”

“Color Crave: Yellow…Are You There?”
April 15, 2013

PureNotes™ “Bright” chocolate makes the cut for DimeInk‘s mashup of all good things yellow.