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TCHO New American Chocolate

TCHO talks Fair Trade with Our Hands for Hope

Our Hands for Hope

Our Hands for Hope - Fair Trade


Our Hands for Hope is a Napa Valley-based company that cultivates family micro enterprises in developing countries through mentorship and by providing access to sales channels to which these families would not otherwise be connected. They take the fair trade concept one step further by working directly with women to develop products that can fetch the best pricing in the marketplace and then complete the circle by purchasing those products at Fair Trade rates.

This model has a lot of similarities with what we’re doing at TCHO, so Our Hands for Hope reached out to our TCHOSource Program Manager Katie Gilmer to talk about the ways in which we develop the capacity of our suppliers

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Korean bloggers enjoy an in-depth TCHO Factory Tour




We made some new friends recently – the crew from the Nadoo blog in Korea dropped by to immerse themselves in all things TCHO. If our Bing Translator is to be believed, they were particularly enthused by the TCHOPairings, the aromas of fresh-made chocolate and their private TCHO Factory Tour and guided tasting experience.

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New TCHOPairings Design

The Dieline


The newest TCHOPairing bars of TCHO Chocolate are making waves for their delicious ‘more-ish’ flavor combinations, and also receiving special attention for the innovative, design-forward packaging statement. Design pioneers, The Dieline, weigh in:

“The line-up is anything but ordinary … Check out these new surreal packaging and flavors”

Check out more on the design of these bars here!

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Is TCHO’s Oddball Line of New Chocolate a Win?


PopSugar Review, TCHOPairings

… The results are in on the new TCHOPairings — and does PopSugar declare it a win?

TCHunky TCHOtella … we’d argue that TCHO one-upped the gianduja spread”

Galactic Gelato … this confection will likely please”

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie … this unusual option won us over on first bite”

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Shugary Sweet’s Triple Chocolate Cookies

Shugary Sweets

Shugary Sweets

TCHO Chocolate is used in this yummy cookie recipe from baking blog, Shugary Sweets, not once … but three times! The roasted cocoa nibs, chocolate baking discs and Organic and Fair Trade cocoa powder provided the perfect ingredients:

“The crunch of a roasted cocoa nib was delightful … I love using organic products when possible.”

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Salted Browned Butter “TCHO” Chip Cookie Dough Truffles

The Cooking Actress

Salted Browned Butter TCHO CHip Cookie Dough Truffles, from the Cooking Actress

TCHO’s chocolate-drenched nibs add the perfect “delicious twist” to this Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough recipe from the Cooking Actress. These special cookie dough balls are covered in more chocolate and sprinkled with a pinch of sea salt.

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A Day with TCHO + Takito Kitchen

Alicia Tastes Life

TCHO tortillas, Takito Kitchen

“These were my favorite … The chocolate tortillas were amazing and added a great mellow chocolate flavor to the taco.”

TCHO and Fortune Fish & Gourmet hosted an event at the up and coming Mexican restaurant, Takito, kicking off a new partnership in Chicago’s chocolate community. Food and lifestyle blog, Alicia Tastes Life, scoped out the new restaurant’s “warm and cozy” space, and indulged in the creative TCHO-containing dishes by Chef David Dworshak.

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Hedy Goldsmith & the TCHO Chocolate Factory

The Genuine Kitchen

Hedy Goldsmith, Executive pastry chef and TCHOPro

Executive pastry chef Hedy Goldsmith makes Wall Street Journal’s Off Duty 50 list with her Smoked Chocolate Pie, gaining national recognition. The Genuine Kitchen covered this achievement and her switch to exclusively using TCHO’s professional baking chocolate, TCHOPro.

“… We have a new chocolate love affair with TCHO … Hedy felt that bringing their socially conscious chocolate from San Francisco all the way down to Miami was a mandate.”

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“Best Chocolate in America”

Asian Fusion Girl

TCHO Confections, review from the Asian Fusion Girl

Food, travel and lifestyle blogger, the Asian Fusion Girl, was on a quest for the best dark chocolate to gift to her chocoholic father … TCHO’s PureNotes™ single origin dark chocolate bars and handmade confections earned their approval as “the Best” … “leaving us wholly happy and eagerly awaiting the next sensual taste.”

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The Bay Lights

The Bay Lights

Inspired by this beautiful Embarcadero art project, TCHO is offering a limited edition collection of chocolate gifts celebrating The Bay Lights. Also featuring photography from local artist David Yu, a portion of the proceeds from this collection are donated to the ongoing of this world-renowned LED light display.

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Chocablog SeriousMilk™ “Cacao” Review


TCHO's "Cacao" SeriousMilk™ bar, reviewed by Chocablog

Dedicated to all things chocolate, the Chocablog, taste tested TCHO’s SeriousMilk™ bar, “Cacao“, and enjoyed the balanced flavors of this dark-milk chocolate “… if there’s one problem with this chocolate it’s that it’s just too easy to eat the whole thing far too quickly.”

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TCHO: Making Chocolate Based on Your Feedback


Epi-Log, the food news blog of, discusses TCHO‘s unique chocolate-development strategy: beta testing. This co-creation approach allows for user generated feedback, when in the process of developing new chocolate, true collaboration for the best chocolate possible.

“… TCHO uses the software development model, releasing beta versions of their products, and inviting consumers to sample them and offer feedback.”

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Discover SF During the America’s Cup

NY Daily News

Visit the Americas Cup, and TCHO Chocolate, when in San Francisco

Home to the 2013 America’s Cup races, TCHO is the perfect pit stop during your visit — stop by for a factory tour, sip of coffee or even enjoy a chocolate tasting! Also included on this list is the other must see’s from the NY Daily News.

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TCHO: Changing Chocolate

Civil Eats

The TCHOSource program and flavor-obsessed recipe development is highlighted by Civil Eats. Chief Chocolate maker, Brad Kintzer, along with USAID and Equal Exchange contribute commentary on how this unique way to make chocolate is changing the game.

“We’re committed not only to making the best chocolate possible, but, also to making a better world,” Brad says. “Changing the way chocolate is made and experienced seems to be TCHO’s singular vision.”

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Louis Rossetto, from Wired to Chocolate

Columbia College Today

Louis Rossetto, CEO/Creative Director of TCHO Chocolate is featured in Columbia College's Alumni Profile

Photo Credit: Mark Leet

TCHO’s Louis Rossetto, CEO/Creative Director of TCHO and Columbia College graduate, is proudly featured in his alma mater’s alumni profiles. From founding the Wired revolution to leading the New American Chocolate Company that brought chocolate making back to San Francisco, Rossetto’s incredible abilities to innovate clearly stand out.

“The world does not need another chocolate company,” he astutely states. “It needs people who want to innovate and invent the future.”

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Cosmo’s Cool Gift Guide for Dad

TCHO "For the Love of Beer Chocolate Box" makes it onto Cosmo's Cool Gift Guide for Dad.TCHO Chocolate + Sam Adams Boston Lager = top of Cosmo’s list for cool Father’s Day gifts 2013. What’s in this father’s favorite?

“This box of 12 artisanal chocolates from San Fran-based company TCHO is designed specifically to pair with the malt-y, hoppy goodness of Sam Adams.”

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TCHO Wins Dieline Packaging Award!

The Dieline

TCHO Chocolate wins Dieline's chocolate packaging awards!

From the design-saavy blog of Dieline, come the top 25 chocolate bar packages — with TCHO Chocolate prominently featured near the top!

“Our top selections are great examples of designs that utilize great printing and finishing techniques”

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Cakespy: Shortbread Truffles


Cakespy shortbread truffle recipe with TCHO SeriousMilk™ chocolate

“Dessert Detective Agency dedicated to seeking sweetness (literally) in everyday life”, tracked down the best milk chocolate, TCHO SeriousMilk™ 39% Baking Discs to craft this fun and easy shortbread cookie truffle recipe.

“I can say with no hesitation that this is not your typical milk chocolate,” the Cakespy deduces. “The flavor just linger(s) in your mouth.”

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A Chocolate Maker’s Big Innovation

MIT Technology Review

TCHO Chocolate's innovative approach earns feature in MIT Tech Review

MIT Technology Review highlights TCHOSource, TCHO’s large-scale innovative sourcing program.

“Teaching them [TCHO farmer partners] to recognize the flavors in fermented, roasted, and ground cacao beans, and then understand how they can adapt their growing processes, will be TCHO’s lasting contribution to chocolate making …”

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Stellina Sweets Recipe

Stellina Sweets

Stellina Sweets TCHO-Mississippi Mud Pie Recipe

How to make an already scrumptious Mississippi Mud Pie recipe even more mouth-watering? Use TCHO! Bringing you “Sweet Morsels from the Kitchen”, baking blog Stellina Sweets chose TCHOPro 66% as the special ingredient for this Mississppi Mud Pie Recipe.

“[This recipe] was the perfect opportunity to break out my TCHO 66% chocolate disks – I’ve been saving it for something special.”

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Where to shop… for Chocolate!
January 31, 2014

Modern Farmer Magazine recently featured TCHO in their Global Guide to Local: Where to Shop. Our San Francisco location was identified as great place to shop for chocolate, and we have to agree!

Modern Farmer: Global Guide to Local

Chocolate worth traveling for? You bet!
January 20, 2014

TCHO was excited to be featured in the FlipKey blog last month as a chocolate maker worth traveling to see…

Spooky Halloween Treats with TCHO
October 9, 2013

The Chocolate Cult

TCHO’s Organic and Fair Trade cocoa powder and roasted cocoa nibs complete this frighteningly delicious Halloween-inspired Double Chocolate Cupcake recipe from The Chocolate Cult.

Never Too Late for Ice Cream Cake with TCHO!
September 29, 2013

Market Life

Inspired by the newly launched TCHOPairing Galactic Gelato bar with dark chocolate and astronaut mint ice cream, baking blog Market Life chose TCHO as the secret ingredient to this mouth watering ice cream cake recipe.

USA Today’s Chocolate Trailmap
August 25, 2013

USA Today

TCHO Chocolate‘s factory tour and chocolates are highlighted among USA Today’s “topnotch chocolatiers” of the Bay Area a must see for chocolate enthusiasts visiting San Francisco.

Food Manufacturers Excel in Multilateral Contact
August 19, 2013

Investor’s Business Daily

IBD highlights TCHOSource, the unique sourcing program of TCHO’s, in this review of food and beverage companies pioneering a new way of doing business — by communicating honestly and effectively.

47 Things to Do in SF
August 16, 2013

Crazy Sexy Fun Taveler

The TCHO Chocolate factory tour and tasting makes it onto the Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler‘s list of must-do’s in San Francisco! Also on the list is 46 other fun-filled San Francisco activities to maximize your time in the City.

Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies from Dessert First
July 2, 2013

Dessert First

Dessert-obsessed food blog, Dessert First, chose TCHOPro 39% milk chocolate to compliment this delightful brown butter-twist on the traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe: “TCHO’s baking discs … melt beautifully and smoothly.”

Sugar Loco Father’s Day Gift Guide
June 21, 2013

Sugar Loco

Dessert and confectionary blog, Sugar Loco, ditches the old school gifts for Father’s Day and opts for the TCHO “Beer Lovers” chocolate and Samuel Adams® gift box.

Martha Stewart Father’s Day Gift Guide
June 20, 2013

TCHO-a-Day dark chocolate giftub is featured in Martha Stewart’s 2013 Father’s Day Gift Guide, claiming this 60 piece assortment is “Tastier than vitamins”.

TCHO Tour a “Must Do” on SF Visit
June 16, 2013

Among the must see spots in San Francisco the NY Daily News says the TCHO Chocolate factory tourAmerica’s Cup race and more!

Tecnologia en la industria del Chocolate
June 13, 2013

Chilean tech and gadget site, FayerWayer, features TCHO’s innovative use of technology — iOs applications used by chocolate makers and cloud-based software to develop sensory analysis with cacao producers.

Saying Goodbye to the SFMoMa
May 31, 2013

Zohara and Shiao, two members of TCHO’s Bean Team (encompassing sourcing, R&D and chocolate making), brought the tree-to-bar experience to the iconic SF Museum of Modern Art’s 2-day open house farewell party.

TCHO + Sightglass: The Al Bicerin Cocktail
April 30, 2013

Offering a “San Francisco twist” to this classic Italian cocktail, TCHO Chocolate is used in Rye‘s rendition of the Al Bicerin, adding to Jon Gasparini‘s notoriety in the industry.

Cooking Smart at Monterey Bay Aquarium
April 25, 2013

TCHOSource is paving the way …

At Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Cooking For Solutions event, a gathering of culinary environmentalists, TCHO’s chief chocolate maker, Brad Kintzer, led a discussion highlighting this innovative supply chain model.

A Bit of TCHO, from the Hipmunk Blog
April 23, 2013

Hipmunk Blog

Scoring tickets to a private tour of TCHO Chocolate, this travel blog had the chance to learn about all things TCHO — from the processing to the sourcing, and who could forget the tasting?

“It smelled like chocolate from the moment we walked in the door.”

“Color Crave: Yellow…Are You There?”
April 15, 2013

PureNotes™ “Bright” chocolate makes the cut for DimeInk‘s mashup of all good things yellow.


Four Forks for Mokaccino!
April 10, 2013

Forkable dissects Mokaccino, our collaboration bar with Blue Bottle Coffee.

Mokaccino is a milk chocolate, but it doesn’t taste like any milk chocolate I’ve had before…”

Čokolada Mama Reviews TCHO
April 4, 2013

Čokolada Mama (pronounced ‘cho-ko-la-da’) finds chocolate that is worth eating. It’s confirmed — our TCHOIntense 99% and PureNotes™ line of dark chocolate are both definitely worth eating: “every bite I take I like this bar even more”!

America’s Best Chocolate Factory Tours
April 2, 2013

MapQuest’s featured editorial, Everydayer, celebrates all of the fun activities that can be found in your neighborhood, city, or new destination. In search of the top chocolate factories of America, the innovative techniques and mouthwatering treats of TCHO Chocolate made the list!