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TCHO New American Chocolate

Jobs at TCHO


TCHO is New American Chocolate. What does working for a New American Chocolate company mean? It means we’re obsessed. We’re obsessed with flavor. We’re obsessed with innovation. And we’re obsessed with fusing the two together to craft the very best chocolate, from tree to bar.

TCHO has four operating heuristics:

  • Make TCHO a place where people want to come to work.
  • Be obsessive: about a brand experience that delights, about legendary service to our communities, about innovation, and about process, with crisp execution and relentless improvement.
  • Be lean and mean — be real.
  • Make a better world.

Start your journey to becoming part of our New American Chocolate company by finding your perfect position below and submitting a cover letter and resume to

Current Jobs Available:


TCHOSource Program Manager

TCHOSource is a unique program dedicated to partnering directly with cocoa growers in Latin America and Africa to produce great cocoa and help them earn a better living. The TCHOSource Program Manager oversees USAID grant activities related to quality improvements at TCHO’s supplier partners. The position also supports TCHO marketing efforts to educate consumers, media, and fellow staff on the program activities and news from the field.

The Program Manager position also plays an important role in TCHO’s Bean Team. The Bean Team is essential at TCHO – it is responsible for sourcing cocoa and making chocolate – every bean that passes through the factory gets carefully selected, roasted, and made into chocolate by the Bean Team.

The Program Manager shall be primarily responsible for managing TCHO’s two USAID grants, including financial management and direct work with cocoa suppliers. Additionally, the position will require lab work that is essential to quality evaluation of cocoa samples and the Program Manager will be responsible for conveying quality feedback to suppliers.

The Program Manager will report to the Sourcing Manager.


  • Collaborate with grant partners to design and execute quality-related work plans and budgets, and coordinate monitoring and evaluation activities
  • Supervise equipment adaptation, space preparation, and installation for cocoa Flavor Labs
  • Organize exchange of samples and joint Skype tasting sessions with partners
  • Maintain close communication with partners through regular Skype calls and field visits to monitor progress, problem-solve, and troubleshoot issues
  • Prepare quarterly billing statements and advance requests for two USAID grants and submit monthly reimbursement requests as needed
  • Travel to origin for site visits and to monitor grant activities, assist in training and the installation of new Flavor Labs
  • Produce trip reports and disseminate news from the field
  • Assist with the planning of grant management team, consultants, and other visits to partner sites
  • Participate in physical and sensory analysis of cocoa samples
  • Roast and grind cocoa beans into cocoa liquor for sensory (flavor) assessment
  • Perform physical cut test analysis on bean samples
  • Organize tasting sessions for the Bean Team in Cropster, online sample database
  • Communicate quality results to suppliers via Skype or email

Required Experience:

  • Grant management including budget and financial management
  • Ability to organize and facilitate quality trainings
  • Project management balancing multiple projects and people
  • Working knowledge of farmer cooperatives

Desired Experience:

  • Cocoa and/or chocolate industry experience
  • Experience working in labs or quality control settings
  • Quality control and/or sensory analysis experience
  • Management experience of 1-3 people

Required Skills:

  • Fluency in written and spoken Spanish
  • Ability to travel internationally to visit cocoa suppliers in Latin America and Africa (approximately 20% of time)
  • Ability to organize and manage project partners in cocoa producing countries


TCHO offers a competitive compensation package that includes health and dental insurance and PTO.

Please submit a resume and cover letter to, with the subject line “TCHOSource Program Manager”. All inquiries will be treated confidentially.


TCHO Retail Store Associate

The retail store staff is the everyday face of TCHO, and are therefore tasked with making a positive engagement with every potential customer that walks in the store. Knowing the TCHO story and being able to speak comfortably to potentially large numbers of people while appearing relaxed, confident and interested is essential and the first priority of store staff. Being able to do this while engaged in a diverse array of other tasks is what makes this little store a demanding and complex environment.

Retail associates are first and foremost TCHO customer service ambassadors, but have a full range of administrative responsibilities as well. The overall vision of the retail store is that it represents TCHO’s clean, modern and thoughtful brand and should create a sense of community and purpose to it’s customers.

Job Requirements:

  • Basic computer competency- email, Office suite of Software
  • Excel, used for sales tracking and inventory
  • Ability to speak to groups comfortably
  • Basic accounting skills-ability to tie off numbers at end of day
  • Strong customer service empathy and awareness

Please submit your resume to


Moulding Line Operator

Working under moderate supervision, this position is responsible for moulding and making of the chocolate of every flavor and format to the quality specifications provided by the Production Manager or Production Supervisor.  This person is responsible for producing a high-quality product and is empowered to make decisions to control quality and weights and stop production if and when necessary. Additionally, this position is responsible for trouble-shooting to resolve problems with chocolate temper, appearance, flavor and packaging with the appropriate team members, or direct Supervisor.

Additional functions assigned to the position as needed, such as sanitation (GMP’s), executing formulas, loading chocolate in tanks, draining tanks, reconciling chocolate made and chocolate produced.


  • Executes the production of a quality product with the correct weights and quality as assigned by the production supervisor or production manager.
  • Executes the assigned tasks as efficiently as possible, while ensuring quality and safety principles are applied.
  • Responsible for sanitation and clean-up during and before the close of shift. Cases and remelt product should be clearly marked with a labels and/or stickers with the manufacture date.  Unwrapped chocolate should be shrink-wrapped on the rack. Exposed product should be stored in a corrugate box or plastic buckets.
  • Monitors equipment to ensure good working order and     to report any problems to management or maintenance as needed.

  • Monitors operations on shift to ensure that Quality Assurance, Sanitation, and Safety standards are consistently met.

  • Communicates and implements company policies and procedures on assigned time schedule.
  • Makes recommendations and suggestions to management regarding improvements of efficiencies, production, quality, work flow, etc. as observed.


  • Knowledge of machinery and product operations.
  • Mechanical skills.
  • Knowledge of plant layout, equipment applications and material requirements.
  • Knowledge of product characteristics and processing procedures.
  • Knowledge of Quality Assurance principles.
  • Knowledge of company policies on Safety, Sanitation, product protection and personnel-related procedures, as applicable.
  • Ability to plan, organize and coordinate production work on assigned time schedule under management direction.
  • Ability to expedite production orders.
  • Ability to monitor enforcement of quality standards and company policies and procedures.
  • Ability to prepare and evaluate production records.
  • Ability to train and provide direction to team members.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with subordinates, other employees and management.

Physical Requirements / Working Conditions:

  • Moving around the production floor requires frequent standing, walking and infrequent climbing of stairs. Grasping and repetitive twisting or pressure involving wrists or hands are required in the packaging and de-moulding areas. The ability to occasionally lift 75 lbs. and more frequently lift 50lbs or less is required. The movement of pallets, packaging, chocolate trays require the ability to push/pull 1000 lbs.
  • Satisfactory hearing and vision is required, as is depth perception, color vision and quick mental and muscular coordination.
  • Work is inside the production floor and includes heights greater than 10 ft, loud to moderate noise levels.
  • The position regularly works with machinery and moving ladders and idle pallets.

Please send your resume and cover letter to