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TCHO New American Chocolate

The Best of the Best…So Far

Through extensive research, hundreds of recipe iterations and enough carbs to make Dr. Robert Atkins roll over in his grave, we’ve come up with quite the curated selection of sweet and savory TCHOcolate Sandwiches. Read, drool, and be inspired to craft your own TCHOcolate Sandwich (and salads).

Nib Salad

Chocolate 411 Quickie: Nibs are crushed up pieces of the most flavorful part of the bean. Nibs are pure cacao, so this product is the most nutritious of all chocolate products. Theobromine, antioxidants, polyphenols—here we come!

Nibs are incredibly versatile because these little bits of pure bliss have no added sugar. For this salad, we tossed nibs with spinach, avocado, Earl’s Organics persimmons, and a simple balsamic vinaigrette.


Citrus, Sweet and Savory

And simple! Perfect as eye-catching, mouth-watering appetizers. We used a sweet baguette, Cowgirl Creamery‘s Mt. Tam (triple cream) and generous drizzles of our PureNotes Citrus dark chocolate.


Minted Marscapone Madness

Prepare to have your mind blown. Fresh minted Marscarpone Cowgirl Creamery cheese, Jamwich jalapeno jam and just the right amount of PureNotes Chocolatey.

How could such a strange-sounding combo yield such beyond-infinitely-delicious flavors? No clue. We just know this recipe works. Seriously.


PB&J Goes Foodie

We’re all for a good ol’ classic PB&J sandie. And we did try many different variations of PB&J with TCHO before discovering something jaw-droppingly delicious.

What was it? Drumroll, please! The one and only hazelnut butter! Spread on a nice, thick layer of hazelnut butter, add a bit of your favorite jam, top with ripe banana slices and cover with PureNotes Fruity. PB&J Goes Foodie is heaven in a lunchbox.


Turkey Day Reprise

A majority of our TCHOcolate Sandwich R&D happened in the weeks before Thanksgiving. So, naturally, our minds were on the big day. And the big turkey. And what to do with that big turkey after the big day. Being the creative, resourceful and perpetually hungry chocolate group we are, we came up with a scrumptious solution: Ciabatta bread (or leftover rolls) topped with turkey, cranberry sauce and a bit of squash (if you’d like). Mix our drinking chocolate extra-thick. Drizzle on top. Enjoy!


Xoco Carnitas Torta with Cilnatro Lime Crema

A recipe from our very own chocolate maker, Shiao Williams-Sheng, this sandwich is the most savory and the most complex of the bunch. Be on the lookout for our full recipe. In the meantime, enjoy gazing at this mouth-watering photo of our Speakeasy Sutro Stout (chocolate beer) braised carnitas!


GelaTCHO Sandwich

Even a meal made completely out of TCHOcolate Sandwiches needs a proper dessert! We love squishing a gigantic scoop of Gelateria Naia‘s scrumptious gelato between two equally scrumptious cookies, most preferably made with TCHOPro. Yum!


Have more ideas? Tried it yourself and want to share? Our eyes and ears (and mouths) are wide open! Shoot us over an email or connect with us on our Facebook page. Nom on!