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TCHO New American Chocolate

TCHOSource Photo Blog: Peru


Group by drying beds

The TCHOSource Team visited Noarandino in northern Peru. Here we are with reps from the co-op, at one of their cacao drying patios. It’s empty because the harvest had already finished for the year.

Inside fresh cacao bean

The insides of a fresh cacao bean. Look how different two beans from the same pod can be! About 99.99% of the world’s cacao beans are purple in color when fresh from their pod, however the white bean is apart of a rare variety found only in northern Peru and holds a complex and unique flavor.


 Mototaxi, the preferred method of transport in Northern Peru.

Cross section of beans

Fermented beans at a fermenting center in northern Peru. The color variation is due to different varieties of cacao.

Aldo on a cacao farm, snapping a close up

Aldo goes in for a close up! He is the technical coordinator for our USAID grant which works in partnership with Equal Exchange, to improve cacao and coffee cooperatives in Peru, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

Cacao beans

Close up of cacao beans in the fermentation process – crazy to think that stuff will become delicious chocolate, right?