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TCHO New American Chocolate

TCHOPairings — The Next Wave of New American Chocolate

Blast Off! TCHOPairings are a go!

TCHOPairings are all about taking classic, delicious chocolate combinations, and making people do a double take. Mint, hazelnuts, and strawberries are timeless partners with chocolate. With TCHOPairings, we really wanted to push these classics way out of their comfort zones by using completely new, unique ingredients (like freeze-dried mint gelato or custom baked pie crust), combined with TCHO’s award-winning Organic and Fair Trade chocolate.” – Brad Kintzer, Chief Chocolate Maker

TCHO’s next wave of tree-to-bean-to-bar New American Chocolate includes three mind-blowing TCHOPairings – TCHunky TCHOtella; Galactic Gelato; and Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.

Introducing TCHOPairings TCHunky TCHOtella

TCHUnky TCHOtella

New American Chocolate takes inspiration from our favorite flavors world-wide. We’re all about taking classic flavors and adding a New American twist. So we took an Italian classic since 1800 called gianduja (pronounced “john-do-ya”) and made the flavors all our own. Gianduja is traditionally made by combining hazelnut paste and milk chocolate, or some variation thereof. (A somewhat similar flavor known outside of Italy by the familiar jar of brown spread, Nutella — although, we hasten to add, that Nutella doesn’t have any chocolate in it.)

We innovated this classic flavor profile by adding hazelnut chunks to heighten the hazelnut flavor. And, of course, by tossing in a dash of sea salt – to heighten all flavors. The organic hazelnuts are sourced from Piedmont, Italy, be- cause they simply taste the best, and the chocolate is our award-winning SeriousMilk™.

The result? A New American Gianduja, with an utterly spectacular, decadent rich mouth feel. Incredibly sophisticated, insanely addictive. This is TCHunky TCHOtella.

Introducing TCHOPairings Galactic Gelato

Galactic Gelato

Galactic Gelato came from the idea of taking one of our favorite desserts – mint ice cream with chocolate chips – and turning it inside out: chocolate with mint ice cream chips.

But how could we turn this classic ice cream flavor inside out? We had to channel our inner child. We loved astronaut ice cream as kids! We would go to a science museum and save up the few dollars our parents had given us to get a souvenir. Some kids sprang for the sea monkeys; some for the Venus fly traps. We knew what was really worth our much-deserved room-cleaning money most: Astronaut Ice Cream. With just one bite (and a little imagination), we were “3, 2, 1 … Blast Off!” in a rocket ship, hurling hundreds of miles an hour, leaving the world behind. We were, literally, out of this world! Years later, we wanted to bring that euphoric blast-off feeling back again. Galactic Gelato does just that. So sit down, close your eyes, and prepare for blast off.

Introducing TCHOPairings Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Q: What’s a more New American dessert than pie?

A: Nothing. Our grand country is known for its fondness of, and creativity in, pie making. Pie is classic American dessert; a staple at every holiday meal. From Autumn apple to Thanksgiving pumpkin, Southern pecan, winter Sweet Potato, Boston Cream, lemon meringue, Banana Cream, Cherry, Coconut Custard, the American innovation in pie-making is astounding. We even have Pi DAY!

So how to blend New American chocolate with a classic American staple?

Step 1: Find the pie flavors that taste best with chocolate. We decided on strawberry rhubarb! The distinctive fruit sweetness of organic strawberries and the tang of a touch of rhubarb is absolutely divine.

Step 2: Work with one of our favorite bakeries – Starter Bakery, in Oakland – to craft the perfect piecrust. Ours is salty-sweet, and perfectly flaky, with a dash of cinnamon.

Step 3: Fresh whipped cream just wasn’t an option. So we mimicked the flavor by drenching the deconstructed pie parts in our delectable SeriousMilkTM chocolate. With warm, creamy, caramel notes, SeriousMilkTM is the perfect chocolate!

Step 4: Nosh on this insanely fun, all-around New American bar, Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.

“New American Chocolate, indeed!”

All this mouth magic is wrapped in striking, design-forward packaging developed by Wired’s former creative director John Plunkett — perfecting an experience that delights like no other chocolate available today.

Kintzer sums up this chocolate milestone perfectly: “Welcome to TCHOPairings – part flavor nostalgia, part craft chocolate, part San Francisco psychedelic; 100% New American Chocolate.” CEO and Chief Creative Louis Rossetto adds: “These new bars will wow your taste buds, stun your optic nerve. New American Chocolate indeed!”