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TCHO New American Chocolate

TCHO Your Pride!

The San Francisco Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Celebration, simply known around the City as “Pride” is an annual parade and accompanying festival unlike anything one has ever experienced. From booths and dance stages to a Sunday morning parade, this celebration spanning the entire month of June commemorates the LGBT community and its allies, and made its way into the San Francisco community in 1970 and has become an integral part of the City’s culture.

As a San Francisco-based company, we decided a design inspired by the creativity and self expression of San Francisco’s Pride was a must! Our inspiration: the colors, livelihood and eccentricities of the SF LGBT community, which can be found in nearly every nook and cranny of San Francisco.

The original TCHO Lips design that debuted for Valentine’s Day, with its straightforward oh-so-sexy appeal, but also the slightest subtleness, seemed most appropriate. But in the spirit of Pride, our design team decided to mix things up in its color scheme. The colors — bright pinks, purples and more were chosen, because love is not a single color but made up of a spectrum of hues woven together.

Celebrating its 43rd anniversary this weekend, Pride is described as the “largest fathering of LGBT people and allies in the nation”. Proudly a member of the SF community and supporter of free love, won’t you join us as we celebrate the many colors of love in this weekend’s Pride festival?

For more information on the history of Pride and a schedule of events for this weekend’s festivities can be found here.

TCHO your Pride, and pick out your colorful assortment of TCHO here!