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TCHO Web 1.0

Whew, it was a long time in development, but TCHO Web 1.0 is finally live and kickin!

This was a gargantuan effort that spanned many talents and many hands.  First selecting a state-of-the-art e-Commerce platform that would be completely open-source and meet our growing needs, then on to the designers to create the look and feel that reflects who we are.

Then, who to build it?  Who better than the team that produced Magento in the first place, Varien?  We worked with Varien over the course of several weeks to get the design built and the back-end all put together.

Of course, they were tapped mainly to get the store and the overall site framework built.  The rest of the content, including our killer homepage carousel, and moving the existing content from our TCHO Beta site, fell upon the inimitable Ari Salomon, several of our illustrious interns, and myself.  I would say the bulk of the heavy lifting has gone to Ari, and I can’t stress how great he is as a creative thinker, designer, and in overall website production.  Please let us know what you think!