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TCHO New American Chocolate

“TCHO-kolade”, A German’s Review of TCHO Chocolate

When pronounced phonetically, the word “TCHO” is used around world – ‘good bye’ in Portuguese, or even to accentuate emotion in Japanese slang (超). But in America, and now also in Germany, TCHO has only one translation: delicious, devour-worthy chocolate! (And did I mention it’s award winning?)

Below is a recent review of TCHO Chocolate’s SeriousMilk™ “Cacao”, from a leading chocolate review site in Germany, edited & translated to English:

‘Web startup’ is the attitude of Californian chocolate label TCHO: its name alludes to “technology” and “chocolate”. A futuristic brand statement, elaborate packaging, a product approach oriented towards easy to navigate basic tastes (“fruit”, “nutty”, “citrusy”, “chocolatey”). Following the West Coast code of honour, all ingredients are being sourced according to certified organic and fairtrade standards.

Similar to TCHO’s 39% milk chocolate we already reviewed, the 53% “Cacao” chocolate comes in a little paper box, covered with psychedelic mirror patterns. There is an aroma of dark pure cocoa, fruit, raisins.

In the mouth, the chocolate comes through as immediately intensive, a mild sweetness and a generous portion of malt: a satisfying chocolatey base note. Caramel, coffee, mild honey; all that much more diverse than virtually any other milk chocolate. The acidity hinted in the aroma remains well balanced and is distributed generously by the very creamy melt. In the aftertaste: caramel, coffee, honey. Nothing disturbs the great impression, this is a dark milk chocolate as it should be, a great West Coast souvenir.


What an honor to receive this stellar review for “Cacao”! This is one of the first European reviews to be published on TCHO. It’s appropriate that it comes out of Germany, since our original design was created by Berlin-based Edenspiekermann, and designer Susana Dulkinys. We are thrilled to be expanding our chocolate community to Europe. is Germany’s leading chocolate review site. Founded by chocolate blogger Peter Berger in 2012, the site publishes product tests and articles covering all levels of chocolate quality.