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TCHO New American Chocolate

TCHO now in Starbucks (and a whole bunch of other great news)

Yesterday was a big day for our chocolate company! I think Louis summed it up well in the email he sent out yesterday afternoon (and, yes, the day ended with a little team celebration):

(make sure to play the audio below while you read!):
Today is an auspicious day in TCHO’s history. We’ve sacrificed, worked insanely hard, suffered the despair of Start Up Land — but today, it’s time to savor some of the exhilaration:

1. We are in 5,500 Starbucks across the country. For perspective, before today, we were in about 300 outlets.
2. We are in Martha Stewart Living’s (2M circ) February issue, which mailed to subscribers today. This is what Martha had to say about TCHO: “In our blind chocolate taste test, TCHO was the hands down star.”
3. We are in the February issue of Travel & Leisure (950K)
4. We are a feature story in United Airlines Hemispheres magazine(4.5M)
5. We are a feature story in AirTrans Go magazine (2M)
6. We are in Wired UK and Wired Italia (200K circ)
7. The AIB audit is done — this is the toughest, most meaningful certification for the factory–and we passed with flying colors; given a “superior” rating
8. The Fancy Food Show is upon us, and our party is looking to be oversubscribed.

Are we excited yet? Can you feel the momentum?

Let’s lift a glass at 4:30!