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TCHO New American Chocolate

TCHO Is… Moving!

Pier 17 has been our colorful home since the beginning of TCHO, and practically since the first day we’ve been pushing at its walls and edges trying to make room: room for growth, room for our mad-scientist experimentation, and room for our friends and fans to enjoy the fruit of our labors with us.


Removing the Floor

To build our original factory, we had to remove the entire floor of the old Pier warehouse and re-pour it. Photo by Matt Heckert.


It was quite a process outfitting the pier with our East German/Scottish/American-made chocolate-making system – we had to pour a brand new floor, build a bunch of new “rooms” within the pier’s walls, and basically turn an ancient warehouse into a food production facility worthy of food safety top grades. Anyone who’s been on our tour has been a witness to our success in that endeavor.


TCHO Factory Construction circa 2009

As we laid out the machinery in the original Pier factory, we also had to build walls to close in the area. Photo by Matt Heckert.


We learned a lot in that process – and that learning is really going to come in handy as we approach the next chapter in TCHO’s story. We are relocating to Berkeley, to a much larger building that will help us build upon the work we’ve only just begun – obsessively creating the world’s best chocolate that celebrates the inherent flavor notes in cacao and brings real economic benefit to the farmers who grow it.


TCHO Factory Construction circa 2009

The piping is one of the most delicate and complicated parts of factory construction (and relocation!) Photo by Matt Heckert.


Our new location is in the Marchant Building at the Berkeley/Emeryville border (we’ll be on the Folger Street side). Within a few blocks’ radius are myriad up-and-coming gourmet food producers, breweries, coffee roasters, and other foodie destinations, as well as a host of great galleries and shopping opportunities (Berkeley Bowl West!!).


Marchant Building, Berkeley CA

Doesn’t look like much yet, but just wait!
Photo courtesy of LBA Realty.


Our tour and factory store are on a short hiatus while we dismantle the production facility and rebuild it, but if you’re in the City and hankering for a chocolate fix – we’ve got you covered: we’re opening a kiosk at Westfield San Francisco Centre on the second floor in front of the Bebe store!

TCHO Kiosk at Westfield Centre San Francisco

The TCHO Kiosk at Westfield Center San Francisco – open for business! Photo by Audrey Chrisler.


We’ll be posting regular updates on our progress both on our Tour page, and in our social media channels to keep everyone in the loop – we’re targeting mid-April to open across the bay. In the meantime, we thank you all for your continued support and chocolate love and we’re looking forward to writing more great chocolate history and joining the West Berkeley food community!