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TCHO New American Chocolate

TCHO Factory Move Update

It’s no small task to move a factory, and we’d like to think that moving the TCHO factory has been a particularly delicate task. Our conching, tempering and depositing components are large, heavy, and fragile: like huge chocolate-wrangling Fabergé eggs. Those machines have seen the sweet inner molecules of literally thousands of tons of chocolate, and they’ve traveled more than some people do in a lifetime. Now, they’ve made their landing in Berkeley.

TCHO Factory Move Photo

TCHO Factory components being gently moved into place – Photo by Jim Presley

We’re pleased to report that our chief engineer, Matt, mechanic Bob, operations director Jim, and our quality assurance manager Monika are all still sane with most of their hair attached (except Jim, but he was missing the hair before we started). That team, along with our usual suspects on the Bean Team, has been tasked with getting this whole thing back in working order with all of our Kosher, Organic, Food Safety, and Fair Trade certifications intact, not to mention permits to operate, business licenses, etc. They’ve answered the call with stoic determination and skill, and as a result of their efforts we’re starting production in Berkeley this month!

Getting the factory moved, installed, and operational has been our number one goal – without that there’s nothing to see on the tour, or any chocolate to eat, for that matter. Once that part of the project is complete and our insanely delicious chocolate is rushing down pipes and conveyor belts again, we can finally put the finishing touches on the factory store and tour. Bear with us, as this part is taking a bit longer than we’d hoped it would. When we can pin down a date you’ll be the first to know; right before we start shouting from the virtual rooftops, that is…