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TCHO New American Chocolate

Simply Smitten!

Photo Credit: Sarah Deragon, Portraits To The People

In nearly record-breaking temperatures, I was forced to visit Smitten Ice Cream. This is the place that is changing the way people make and think about ice cream. These are the folks that use patented technology to make their ice cream. Smitten is “reimagining the ice cream experience by making new, old-fashioned ice cream”. Similarly based to TCHO’s philosophy, I was looking forward to seeing how technology could be applied to making ice cream. And boy, are they onto something delicious!

Not so long ago, while finishing up a marketing degree at Stanford, Smitten founder, Robyn Sue, started tinkering and building a new piece of machinery in a garage that ended up drastically changing the way ice cream was being made. Still in its early stage of development, Robyn took this machine out to local events, and San Francisco parks via red Radioflyer wagon, to test out the technology and market. Met with an overwhelming success, she patented the technology and nestled Smitten in a retrofitted cargo shipper in the quaint Hayes Valley of San Francisco.

Photo Credit: David Lebovitz

The machine responsible for the wildly organic success and borderline cult following of Smitten, now named “Brrr”, is something you have to see to believe — liquid nitrogen is dosed out in a specific amount, creating such a cold environment that the crystals of the ice cream freeze at a smaller size; looking something similar to your 5th grade steaming volcano science experiment. Using the “simplest, freshest and purest” ingredients possible, the resulting scoop is the smoothest, invigorating ice cream I have ever had! When it came to deciding on a chocolate to use in Smitten’s staple Chocolate flavor, TCHO’s equally as obsessed approach to flavor and sourcing created a beautiful partnership.

“We chose TCHO because we love the flavor profile of their chocolate–the 60.5% works perfectly in our chocolate ice cream. We also highly support working with local businesses and felt extremely lucky to find a company with such an amazing product and similar values right here in San Francisco!”

– Robyn Lenzi, our Head Pastry Chef here at Smitten

Applying new age technology to a beloved past time favorite — sounds strikingly similar to the TCHO Philosophy, and the Smitten’s chocolate ice cream is only the beginning. Also available are a handful of seasonal flavors, like fresh mint + TCHO Chocolate chips and Strawberry White Balsamic, all crafted with the same meticulous approach and made right in front of your eyes. And although the fog of the liquid nitrogen may cloud your vision momentarily, the flavor of their devour-worthy ice cream is something to talk about, but we’ll just let the results of this science experiment speak for itself.

Where you can find it: Hayes Valley, San Francisco

What to order: TCHOChocolate + Smitten’s homemade spicy syrup