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TCHO New American Chocolate

TCHO at the Google Micro Kitchen Fair!

Today was the Google Micro Kitchen Fair at the Mountain View Campus. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the Google Micro Kitchen concept, I’ve included a brief description:

Google Micro Kitchens

Since 1999, Google has taken the concept of a “free lunch” to the next level –providing lunch to all employees globally and establishing an innovative and precedent setting standard for on-site vendor provided corporate meal services.

Google’s unique Micro Kitchen (MK) program was developed from the founders’ ideal that no Googler should be more than 150 feet away from food at any time.

As a result, the Micro Kitchens have become a fixture in every Google office. The Google MK is an open pantry, grab and go area complete with packaged snacks, cereals, coffee machines, and cold beverages. Googlers have come to rely on the MK’s as a place that provides quick, convenient healthy snacks and beverages.

The Google Culinary Team puts just as much effort in creating delicious, nutritious Cafe meal offerings, as they do in instilling the food values in 80% of the MK offerings by pledging: We will engage local artisan vendors, We will strive to offer high quality, nutritionally balanced snacks and beverages, We do not use MSG and avoid products that contain them.
Because the Culinary Team wanted to keep the Google culture alive in the MK’s, they began

giving Googlers the opportunity to vote on the remaining 20% of the products via a survey.

Our Cafes, MK’s and CP’s are a part of Google’s philosophy that work should be fun – and that it is a company’s responsibility to give employees healthy and mind engaging programs to keep our company strong and innovative. With a core standard of local, organic, nutritionally balanced snacks and beverages along with the Googler 20% weigh-in of “fun” items, our MK’s and CP’s are sure keep you happy and healthy!

20% Voting and Micro Kitchen Food Fair

There is a 80 / 20 rule that is central to Google’s MK’s – 80% core products are available in all MK’s and 20% are voted for periodically to add variety and to make it fun for Googlers. For a period of one week, Googlers will be allowed to log into an online survey tool to indicate their favorite snacks for each product group.

Emi, Larry and I attended the fair today and there was a great response to TCHO. We gave out over 4,000 5 gram samples and made a lot of Googlers very happy that we were there. Googlers were able to vote by SKU so they were voting for our individual bars. The voting process began today at the Fair (see photos below) and will continue for the next week via an online survey. We won’t know the results for approximately three weeks.

My thanks to Larry and Emi for an amazing job today and to everyone else who helped support today’s program.


A day in the life at MK 4.0…

Red Bull set up a cafe complete with DJ

Luna and Clif Bar side by side 

Googlers equipped with Nexus One phones get their voting instructions here




Larry sharing the TCHO love…

 and working the crowd!

no really, there’s no fruit in Fruity!!

Emi helping a hungry Googler stock up on TCHO

Flavor Wheel tutorial

say “TCHO”!!