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TCHO New American Chocolate

SeriousMilk™ Sweeps International Chocolate Awards

SeriousMilk “Cacao” won Gold for Best Milk Chocolate Made in America!

International Chocolate Awards declared TCHO’s SeriousMilk™ the Best Milk Chocolate and Flavored Milk Chocolate made in America. Actually, TCHO’s chocolates were named the best in all of the Americas — North and South, since the competition included the entire hemisphere. Yes, your favorite milk bars are officially the best milk chocolates made on this side of the planet!

SeriousMilk “Classic” won Silver — not too shabby!

Over 200 chocolates were entered into the competition. Each chocolate was rigorously evaluated on a number of characteristics: aroma, flavor, and personal taste impression. The result? TCHO’s “Cacao” and “Classic” swept the top two spots as Best Milk Chocolate and “Mokacinno” won the Silver for Best Flavored Milk Chocolate.

Mokaccino, TCHO’s first inclusion bar, won Silver.