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TCHO New American Chocolate

Savory TCHOcolate Experiment 3

Our delectable savory experiments are growing increasingly complex and intriguing!

For this latest “session” we created a smorgasbord of yummy sandwich fixings—with everything from various Cowgirl Creamery cheeses, Acme breads, salumi, jams, figs, walnuts, almonds, avocados, apples and more.

And we invited a whole bunch of co-workers to come and make their own combinations—then cut them up so we could all share in the tasting. It was a great festive experience! Tons of shockingly appealing combinations that we never could have imagined might work well with chocolate. Lots of delight and joy.

First, we set up the smorgasbord of sandwich fixings:  almonds, walnuts, figs, cheeses, peppers, spreads, nut butters, fruits, various breads; 4 bowls of molten dark TCHOcolate

We invited co-workers to join in the festivities. Turns out this is a cool way to socialize around a table. It’s somewhere between collaborative art, foodie lunch party, and science experiment.

Chief Chocolate Officer Brad Kintzer creating a masterpiece:  TCHO Fruity, Blue Cheese, Fig, Sopresseta (salumi) on Acme rustic bread

Store & Tour Manager Tyler Barkley proudly displays his creation:  Blue cheese, pear jam, TCHO Nutty, and walnuts on Acme Sourdough.

A few personal favorites? First, TCHO Nutty, Aged Gruyere, walnuts on Acme walnut bread—a pleasing balance of sweet, crunchy, salt, and creamy.

TCHO Citrus, Sharp Cheddar, yellow pepper, on Acme olive bread; sprinkled with TCHO nibs— created a complex blend of flavors and textures; the yellow pepper added a flavorful bite and nibs were a good slightly sharp nutty crunch that balanced out the sweetness of the chocolate.

Citrus chocolate draped over Acme rustic bread, topped with Cowgirl Creamery Aged Gruyere and slices of fresh farmer’s market figs. Sweet n’ savory heaven.

Keep dreaming up your creations, then share with us on Facebook. And we’ll continue posting ours!