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TCHO New American Chocolate

Savory TCHOcolate Experiment 2

Goat cheese is heaven. Scratch that. Gobs of goat cheese are the delicious, fluffy nimbus clouds on which heaven rests. That’s right. Goat cheese is wondrous enough to hold up the entirety of whatever heavenly realm you choose to believe in (even if you don’t believe, just go with the metaphor anyhow—goat cheese is insanely delectable).

So, we asked, what could make the most delightful cheese substance known to mankind even more divine?

The answer was all too obvious: TCHO.

For our Savory TCHOcolate Experiment numero dos, we decided to plan with that ambrosial combo.

Trial #1 (above): Citrus TCHO, grandma’s homemade plum jam, and goat cheese. Simple. Sweet. A little savory. A lot of mouth-watering taste. Highly suggested.

Directions: Toast sourdough bread with citrus chocolate in toaster oven until chocolate just melts. (Alternative: toast sourdough, melt citrus in microwave, stirring every 30 seconds).  Add generous amount of plum jam. Sprinkle or spread goat cheese overtop. Nom!

Trial #2: Added avocado and pepper to the sandwich above. The added fats and spices made the simple more complex and upped the amount of savory. Our tastebuds approved.

Let’s leave the land of the ethereal for a little while and head back on down to earth. Imagine that, on the way, our satchel of assorted cheeses—who doesn’t carry a satchel of assorted cheeses everywhere?—gets nipped by the brightly burning center of our universe. What have we just created? Beautiful smoked cheeses.

Okay. Perhaps that’s not exactly how smoked cheeses come to be, but the point of the story is we next decided to explore the land of Smoked Cheddar and TCHO. Results?

Trial #3: Nutty TCHO, smoked cheddar and arugula. The mellowness of the nutty helps balance out the strong flavor of smoked cheddar and zing of arugula.

Directions: Toast sourdough bread with nutty chocolate, arugula and smoked cheddar stacked on top until cheese just melts. Sprinkle with pepper.

Trial #4: Added walnuts (on left) and plum jam (on right) to sandwich above. The extra plum jam we could have done without, but we loved the added crunch of walnuts and how the nuttiness of the arugula really came out!

Thus concludes Experiment #2. Stay tuned to discover what craveable concoctions we come up with next!

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