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TCHO New American Chocolate

Product Revolution

Carl Nolte’s recently wrote an article titled “Some things are better now than in the ‘good old days.’” In the article, he sites Peet’s coffee, Boudin’s bread and Anchor Steam beer as examples of products that started a product quality revolution so that now, grocery aisles are filled with great bread, great coffee can be had on almost every street corner and better beer can be had in every bar.

According to Nolte, Narsai David, a regional food expert, credits “the young people who demanded better products. We had a whole generation of kids who had it good all their lives. They created a taste and a demand for better stuff.” So the Bay Area can now claim great coffee, great bread and great beer.

We at TCHO believe that this demanding generation of kids, the Millennials, is now creating a taste and demand for better chocolate. Just as Peet’s, Boudin’s and Anchor Steam created their own product revolutions, so will TCHO.