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TCHO New American Chocolate

TCHO’s Beta Drinks of the Past

A walk down memory lane through TCHO‘s Pier 17 store would be filled with past Beta Drinks of all shapes, sizes and crazy delicious concoctions! In honor of kicking off our Drinking Chocolate Contest, we thought we’d share with you a few of our favorites.

Meet The Femme Fatale, a seductive mix of our dangerously delicious drinking chocolate, Blue Bottle espresso, and your choice of milk … a short, condensed in-your-face TCHOmocha.

And debuting TCHO’s SuperBerry Drinking Chocolate, this beta drink had the intense flavor of raspberry, acai and black currant combined with the dark richness of TCHO drinking chocolate, the perfect combination. And the homemade raspberry sauce on top was to top, yes please!

… Is your mouth watering yet? Swing by our store in San Francisco to try out the latest beta drink (changes monthly), and maybe even pick up a spiffy new cannister of drinking chocolate! Sip a TCHOshot to get the creativity flowing, put on your thinking cap, and test out your mixologist skills — enter your recipe here, now through July 7th!