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TCHO New American Chocolate

New Location for TCHO Kiosk @ Westfield San Francisco!

UPDATE 4 (04/17/15):

One more time, this time with feeling: We’ve moved, again, and this time, we expect to stay a spell! You can find our kiosk on the second floor on the crossover, between the Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom sides, in front of Camper and Auntie Anne’s.

UPDATE 3 (01/22/15):

We’ve moved! Again! We’re getting pretty good at this… 😉 Our latest spot is on the third floor, in front of Steve Madden on the Nordstrom wing. Come on by and say hi!

UPDATE 2 (11/20/14):

In addition to our regular kiosk, we’ve opened a pop-up holiday spot in the Artisan Market at Westfield. This temporary storefront features a small collection of local makers with great gifts for the holidays we know you’ll enjoy. The Artisan Market @ Westfield is on the first floor, Bloomingdales wing, next door to Tory Burch. There’s even an entrance on Market Street!

UPDATE (11/4/14):

They moved us again!! Now, you can find us on the second floor on the Bloomingdales wing in front of JCrew and H&M Man.

A Taste of TCHO Kiosk Life

Closing the TCHO Factory Store on Pier 17 was a hard decision for everyone involved. In the interim your friendly neighborhood TCHOstorriors have relocated to a convenient downtown SF location. Our TCHO kiosk in the Westfield mall features many of the same products that you were able to purchase at the old factory store. Maybe some of you have been following our Brownie Throwdown, all of these supplies can be bought at the TCHO kiosk in our baking supplies section. If you already have been by our Westfield TCHO Kiosk, you might note that we’ve relocated – our kiosk is now on the first floor right outside of Kiehl’s and next door to Sunglass Hut.

TCHO Kiosk Display

Out and About San Francisco with the Kiosk Team.

In our free time the TCHOstorriors have begun a quest to find the most delicious TCHO about town. In honor of Sunday, we thought, why not enjoy a TCHO chocolate sundae? The team took a field trip to local favorite, Bi-Rite Creamery.

Bi-Rite Ice Cream enjoyed by the TCHO Kiosk Team

The famous San Francisco Bi-Rite Creamery is located just across from Dolores Park in the SF Mission. Bi-Rite is a local foodies paradise and perfect for #TCHOspotting! They even have vegan options, like Strawberry Coconut and for the adventurous, Basil!

New Kiosk Location

Come meet the TCHO kiosk Team! As summer vacation comes to an end and the people of San Francisco get ready to head back to school, we’re still here for that little pick me up after a long day. Whether you’re on a tour or just want to stop by for a treat we’re waiting to greet you on the 1st floor near Nordstrom at Westfield Center SF. Check out #TCHOkiosk on Instagram or Twitter to see what’s happening with us.