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TCHO New American Chocolate

Man Up! Chocolate Pairing Celebration for Dads and Dudes

Last Thursday night TCHO became the place to celebrate dad and all our favorite dudes with fine finger foods and delectable drinks. We gathered a few of our favorite purveyors, prepared perfect chocolate pairings, and swung open our Pier 17 doors to let the pre-Father’s Day festivities begin!

And what a grand celebration Man Up! was. Samuel Adams poured four brilliant brews, Field Trip Gourmet Jerky proved meat and chocolate really are a match made in heaven, Kettle Brand Chips’ insanely addicting salty crisps created a heavenly couple with creamy, caramelly SeriousMilk™, always classic Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch shone when matched with a bite of TCHO, and the Bay Club made sure we burned off all those pre-dinner guilt calories with their innovative out-of-water surfboard.

Missed the festivities? Or just want to commemorate June 13, 2013? You’re in luck! Our Man Up! Pairing Menu is below. So go ahead, taste away! Just be sure you have enough TCHO first.

PS Did we mention the Ben & Jerry’s City Churned truck popped by to hand out dish after dish of their delicious ice cream? And TCHO is one of the ingredients you can vote on to be a part of their once-in-a-lifetime San Francisco flavor? Because they did. And we are. And you should most definitely vote for TCHO – and all your favorite flavors – at the City Churned San Francisco website. Cheers!