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TCHO New American Chocolate

just another day at work….

You might wonder if everyone who works here can eat as much chocolate as we want every day. The answer is YES. But you actually don’t feel like eating as much as you might imagine you would. Sure, some nibbling every day… But it’s baked goodies (made with our baking drops) that really elicit excitement around here.

At least once or twice a week, we arrive at the chocolate factory office to find some delectable plate of chocolatey goodness waiting for us. Usually these are baked by either someone on our team (often Rick!) or a friend of someone on our team.

This morning, Jennifer P (friend of John’s) baked these unbelievably moist chewy chocolate brownies draped in caramel and roasted pecans. My cell ph photo does not do justice to them – but you can catch the caramel sheen and imagine their texture I think.

Baked with our 66% organic fair trade baking drops, they were outstanding! A little sweet and intense for first thing in the morning–but we are used to that around here. They were inhaled in minutes.

OK, I’m totally buzzed. Had to share that with you all. Back to work!

Epilogue: But the sweetness continued: just as the brownie plate was emptied (just before posting this story), Rick came from the Production Area with a tray full of fresh baking drops. This is a regular occurrence around here.

Rick cheerfully appears with his tray in hand (hair net and beard net still on) and encourages everyone to try the latest fresh chocolate (straight from the molding line). And he asks what you think. This batch? (‘Yes; Delicious! They are so FRUITY! A veritable fruit bomb’).

signing off in chocolatey buzzy bliss,