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TCHO New American Chocolate

Introducing TCHO Artisan Confections — the First Four!

TCHO Artisan Confections – Main IMage

TCHO is excited to announce our first artisan confections, created by our own confectioners Zohara Mapes and Ryan Holmes, affectionately known internally as The Pro and The Rookie. They are available exclusively at our Pier 17 Beta Store in San Francisco — and will be available online to Tasters Circle members at our webstore starting this holiday season.

TCHO is known for making bars and professional products that reflect our obsession with exploring the inherent flavors of chocolate. TCHO Artisan Confections take our acclaimed PureNotes Dark and SeriousMilk chocolates and blend them with meticulously sourced ingredients from local provisioners to create irresistible flavor pairings.

These are our first four confections:

99% TCHOIntense + Marshall’s Farm Bay Area Honey Blend

Incredibly rich Organic, Fair Trade 99% TCHOIntense becomes insanely light and pleasantly bright when sweetened entirely, and only, with Marshall’s Farm Bay Area Honey blend and fresh cream. The best no-sugar truffle you’ll ever taste.



“Nutty” PureNotes Dark + Woodford Reserve Craft Bourbon

TCHO’s mellow Organic, Fair Trade “Nutty” PureNotes dark chocolate marries perfectly with Woodford Reserve’s bright and complex craft bourbon. TCHOPro 68% shell adds deep chocolatey notes for a complete flavor journey.



“Fruity” PureNotes Dark + Yerena Farms Fresh Raspberries

Bright, jammy organic, Fair Trade “Fruity” PureNotes Dark chocolate couples with freshly picked organic raspberries for bursting-with-ripe-berries flavor.




“Cacao” SeriousMilk + Blue Bottle Coffee

Luscious 53% “Cacao” SeriousMilk chocolate masterfully pairs with Blue Bottle’s famous organic, freshly roasted coffe. Like a rich, creamy TCHOmocha you can eat!





Meet the Minds Behind TCHO Artisan Confections 

Zohara Mapes, The Pro
Zohara actually made confections before she became a member of TCHO’s Bean Team and TCHO Chocolate Maker. After spending years tramping through Mayan jungles and studying chocolate technologies, Zohara began her own artisan confection company selling all sorts of seasonal flavors. When she finally came to TCHO in its early days as a Chocolate Maker, she was instrumental in helping to design our PureNotes, SeriousMilk, and TCHOPro product lines. With the opportunity to create TCHO’s very own line of confections, Zohara returns full circle to her roots.


Ryan Holmes, The Rookie
Ryan Holmes, Confectioner, is truly obsessed with chocolate. He studied baking and pastry at CIA (Culinary Institute of America) Hyde Park, then became a production baker and pastry cook at CIA San Antonio. As his skills deepened, so did his obsession: Ryan has a large tattoo on his right side of Quatzalcoatl, the Aztec god rumored to have brought cacao to mankind. Initially recruited as a Store Associate, day after day he made confections on his own time in his small home kitchen to share with other TCHOsen. When it came time to start TCHO Artisan Confections, he leaped at the chance to work with Zohara.