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TCHO New American Chocolate

TCHO Chocolate: Fueling Your Active Lifestyle!

Recently, TCHO Chocolate was included in the March Kona Kase. Designed to “fuel your active lifestyle” these colorful boxes are delivered to your doorstep on a monthly basis and are filled with goodies like energy bars, power gels and locally made healthy snacks. In between his ever active lifestyle and running a new company, I spoke with Kona Kase co-founder, John Franklin, and learned about his inspiration, workout regime and love for chocolate!

Photo Credit: Kona Kase

Tell us a little about Kona Kase — what inspired you to create it?

In May 2012, I was running a lengthy team Relay and we found ourselves eating tortilla chips and slices of cheese to fuel up before the race. We were tired of eating the same old boring energy bars, but finding similarly healthy alternatives wasn’t easy. We wanted to create a platform where fitness aficionados could sample different brands from around the country to find what works best for them. And so, Kona Kase was born.

John on a cross country biking trip, 2009.


What is it about chocolate that you love most?

… I have a memory of being a kid, taking a handful of chocolate chip cookies to the basketball hoop on my driveway, and just enjoying the moment. One hand dribbling and shooting, the other hand putting cookies into my mouth. I guess chocolate takes me back to a simpler time.

Following a good workout, what do you snack on to recharge?

Chocolate milk is the best recovery drink. I did a cross country bike trip a couple years ago and probably had 40 chocolate milks over 49 days.



How do you feel about chocolate in the middle of your workout?

Chocolate isn’t just for desert anymore. A little square of dark chocolate is a great mid workout pick-me-up. Next time you go on a run/bike/ski/whatever, bring a couple TCHO squares for your buds, you will be memorialized in their minds forever as a great friend. (Sidenote: I’ve never done it because I’m unwilling to share)

Favorite kind of TCHO chocolate: TCHOIntense Dark 99%, for sure

Craziest thing ever done with TCHO: “Ask Paris Hilton.”

John, a true fitness junky, is currently training for a 200 mile team relay and a half Ironman. When not training or mingling with Paris Hilton, he enjoys spending time with family and thinking about what life would be like if we coexisted with dinosaurs.