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TCHO New American Chocolate

From Bean to Bar to Beta 3 — The Big Mokaccino Reveal

We asked for a name suggestion at the conclusion of every round of TCHOJoe Beta. Our BetaTasters, of course, delivered! They gave us all kinds of ideas for names, such as, but most definitely not limited to:

Mochalicious, Espresso with Benefits, TCHOfee, Cacaofinated, TCHOFFEINE, Wake Up Call, Smooth Speed, Two Beans, Mouth Orgasm, Oh My Joe!, The Endorphinator, Cloud 9, Mochalicious, Mountain High Morning, Javarific, Cafe con Leche, All American Mocha, Rich Reverie, MoMoMocha, Keen Bean, Crema, Jitters, Buzz, Toasty Espresso Trip, Espresso Yourself, and TheoBREWmine

But, in the end, one was a clear winner: Mokaccino!

Mokacinno encompasses everything the finished TCHOJoe recipe is — creamy and smooth, luscious and chocolatey, with the perfect amount of freshly roasted Blue Bottle coffee.

So it’s with great pride we introduce to you the latest member of the New American Chocolate family, Mokaccino!