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TCHO New American Chocolate

From Bean to Bar to Beta 2 — Rounds of Recipes

We didn’t tell the BetaTasters much about each round going out during the TCHOJoe Beta program. But we weren’t just sending out random samples. We did, in fact, have a method to our madness:

Each round we tested something different. First we tested which chocolate would be best, then we asked which coffee was preferred and, finally, what ratio of coffee to chocolate was most more-ish. Here’s what our BetaTasters had to say, and how we co-created this bar with them.

Round 0.4: The Right Chocolate

In Round 0.4, we wanted to know which of our SeriousMilk™ chocolates would be best paired freshly roasted coffee.

0.4A was a very classic tasting milk chocolate, close to our 39% “Classic”. 0.4B was a darker milk chocolate, more similar to our 53% “Cacao”.

Which one was liked best? Turns out our BetaTasters were pretty split! And we had to agree. Somewhere right in the middle of a classic milk and darker milk was just right, and this became the basis for the next round.

Round 0.6: The Best Beans

Next, we set out to find the perfect coffee. We turned to our tried and true coffee partners — Blue Bottle. But which blend would be best? We left that one up to our BetaTasters.

The coffee in 0.6A had a kick, with bright flavors and notes of dried fruit. 0.6B had a lighter roast — more mild and pretty chill on the palate.

BetaTasters said A was good, but B was better. We took the hint. Our chocolate makers created a winning blend of the two Blue Bottle roasts, with more of 0.6B’s coffee than 0.6A.

Round 0.8: The Perfect Balance

We’d found the right chocolate, we had the best beans. The final step was to find the perfect balance between the two. 

Beta 0.8A had a greater coffee to chocolate ratio, like a triple-shot mocha latte. 0.8B decreased the amount of coffee by just a tad.

More chocolate? More coffee? Our BetaTasters were completely split — exactly 50 / 50. So we did the same; we mixed 50% of 0.8A and 50% of 0.8B to make a 100% balanced TCHOJoe bar. The chocolate makers found a ratio of coffee to chocolate most definite to please any pro palate.

And, with that, we had the final recipe for our next New American Chocolate.