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Eat chocolate, lose weight

Seriously? If I eat more chocolate, I can get rid of that extra 5, 10, 50 pounds? Seriously?

According to a recent study (3), “Seriously.” “In our study,” says Dr. Golomb, “people who ate chocolate more often actually ate more calories…but in spite of that they had a lower [body mass index]”. (Body mass index, or BMI, is a measure of body fat.) The self-proclaimed chocoholics did not even eat fewer calories or exercise more.

Best diet ever, right? Bring on the chocolate covered cashews, 68% discs, and drinking chocolate shots! Time to stock up on cookies and cakes and tarts and gelato! Chocolate mousse for breakfast, chocolate chip mint ice cream for lunch, and salted caramel cupcakes for dinner! I am so ready to drop some poundage!

Okay, not so fast. The study refers to “people who ate chocolate more often”, not “people who gorged themselves on all things containing some form of chocolate”. Frequent chocolate eaters tend to be thinner, people who eat a bit every day.

So I can’t have a chocolate binge and lose weight, but I can consistently eat chocolate and drop a few pounds. How does that work?

“It isn’t just the number of calories that matter,” says Dr. Golomb. “It’s the composition of the calories.’

Cacao beans contain all kinds of super-food-esque compounds. The compounds at work for this study are polyphenols and epicathethin. Polyphenols help digest dietary fat (2). “This means that the fat in chocolate may exit our bodies before it has a chance to be absorbed. Or, in other words, these compounds in cocoa may help us fend off fat.” (2) Epicathethin “appears to boost the energy-producing elements of the body’s cells.” (1) Essentially, cocoa helps your body process certain fat.

I eat chocolate every single day. And now, eating chocolate can help me lose weight. I’m sold!

How will I know for sure? Seems like the proof is in the (chocolate) pudding!