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TCHO New American Chocolate

The Chocolate Brownie Recipe Throw-down

All hail the brownie throw-down! We’ve put ourselves onto a big project here at TCHO – to try and figure out which of the world’s favorite chocolate brownie recipes is not only the best, but the best with TCHO chocolate. This is going to take some serious testing. Oh, the sweet suffering!

We settled on six (six!!) different chocolate brownie recipes to run through their paces. There are famous chefs, food technicians, and at-home tinkerers all represented in the group – no names too big or too small for us to explore. Also, we purposefully explored chocolate brownie recipes with cocoa powder, chocolate pieces, both milk and dark chocolate and everything in between. We also decided to bake them essentially blind: our bakers won’t know which recipe is whose.

Finally, when the big unveiling happens, the delicious brownie cornucopia will be unlabeled: our tasting panel (lucky, lucky office mates) will not know what is in each recipe, who baked it, or which recipe author they are tasting. It’s for science, people! It may take all day to get through them, but when the comment cards are revealed we’re going to have some pretty definitive proof of what the “best” brownies might be like. But we all know the best ones are #TCHOMade!

Stay tuned – results next week. We hope that the photos will come somewhat close to doing the finished products justice.