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TCHO New American Chocolate

A Home Brewers’ Inspired Confection

“Bright” + Willamette Hops Handmade Confection

 The concept for this confection piece came, like many brilliant ideas, while I was brewing a batch of beer at home.  As an avid home brewer for several years now, I suddenly had the thought — why not combine my work and play, and share with the rest of the world? After all, there are many great confections featuring beer, but I had yet to find one using the components of beer before it is fermented.

Many rounds of beta testing ensued in the TCHO office before the final formulation was determined for this confection!

After ten or so rounds of various hop and barley combinations, there was consensus towards one in particular — Willamette hops paired with organic malt, highlighting the complexity of our “Bright” chocolate from Madagascar.  Light and refreshing, just like an American Pale Ale on a hot summer day.

That’s me, Ryan, at a truffle-making demonstration in Napa, California.

TCHO Artisan Confections are made by hand (by yours truly) and are sold exclusively online and at our flagship store, at Pier 17.