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TCHO New American Chocolate

Black and White

I recently got the bug to shoot some black and white film again. Back in the late 70’s I shot a lot of b&w film in SF and in fact right around North Beach and Telegraph Hill.

I like shooting with film. I spend more time thinking about light and composing shots. And of course you don’t see what you got until the film is processed so there is a delayed gratification but more than that there is a greater understanding you must have of the process and develop a sort of trust with it.

The best aspect of it for me though is how it responds to really low light. Long exposures don’t lead to horrible noise as it does with digital- well at least with my less expensive CCD camera. I have yet to try digital with a good CMOS sensor which I read can give better results.

People are giving film cameras away now a days and good cameras and lens’ too. I picked up a Canon A1 (list $625 in 1981 which is $1400 today) with 2 lenses and a strobe, all in good shape, for $25.

$25 more got me a 28mm Canon lens. Yippee.

Here are some of the first shots using TriX pulled 1 stop to 200 ASA.

I scanned them on an Epson V500 in 24bit color @800 dpi

My Studio:


Pier 15 at night:

My daughter Ella: