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TCHO New American Chocolate

We All Scream For …

If San Francisco were an ice cream flavor, what would it be? That’s the very question the ice-cream obsessed crew and flavor gurus of Ben & Jerry’s sought to answer in their City Churned San Francisco campaign. The San Francisco-inspired ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s, available for only a limited time, was unveiled at TCHO Chocolate’s flagship store and factory at Pier 17, San Francisco last week. With a similar set of founding principals, flavor-driven product and commitment to ethically sourced ingredients, the opportunity to collaborate on this locally-inspired ice cream flavor seemed a match made in flavor-fusion heaven.

San Fran-tastic!

The voting process took place in the streets of the City and online  — pitting different delectable ingredients against each other (Kika’s Treats vs. Cookies, Coffee vs. Cinnamon, TCHO vs. Peppermint) and using iconic people, places and things to count as votes for particular ingredients (Dolores Park vs. AT&T Park, fixed-gear vs. freewheel bikes, start-ups vs. food trucks).

Our epic battle? TCHO Chocolate vs. Peppermint, represented by FourSquare check-ins at tech startups vs. food trucks, respectively. Each check-in on FourSquare at a tech startup was a vote for TCHO Chocolate, each check-in at a food truck was a point for Peppermint. For that extra umph, we rallied our forces to capture direct online votes. Our tactics paid off! TCHO Chocolate vs. Peppermint was the most voted on flavor competition in the whole campaign, and TCHO the flavor with the most votes — 10,390, to be exact.

Photo Credit: Natalia Aldana

After weeks of collecting “votes”, the Ben & Jerry’s San Francisco flavor was finally revealed: caramel ice cream, with Kika’s Treats (graham crackers covered in chocolate), TCHO’s SeriousMilk™ “Classic” milk chocolate, and fluffy marshmallows!

The flavor unveiling kicked off with a set of fresh beats from DJ Boogie. Soon after delicious cups of the much-anticipated San Fran-tastic ice cream were passed out for all to enjoy! Belgian-style b.street waffles (drizzled in a molten TCHO Chocolate sauce, of course) added to the sweet feast. A live brass band made an appearance and art lovers of all ages were invited to enjoy the coolest form of wearable art from face painting artist, Bri, of BriTree. We were honored to celebrate with San Francisco chocolate enthusiasts and Ben & Jerry’s lovers, bringing together the Embarcadero neighborhood and community — all in the name of a custom-built, City inspired ice cream.

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